Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free List of Grandville Foreclosures and Homes For Sale

Free List of Grandville Foreclosures and Homes For Sale
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Real Estate Secrets: A Conversation With God

Real Estate Secrets: A conversation with GOD

Hey guys, Eric here

No I don't have anything to sell you today. But, I do have a

What's your story?

Yes, I am talking about that story. You know the story you tell
yourself to rationalize why it's OK to not live life the way
that God or whoever you worship meant you to live.

Do you have kids or at least know a kid? Then you know exactly
how those stories go: "Hey mom or dad I just can't get a B in
science, i'm no good at it"

When kids tell these stories they have a huge advantage over you
and I because kids have someone to answer to. Kids have someone
someone to be accountable to. Someone who can see through their
B.S and set them on the right track.

When kids tell these completely untrue stories we see right
through them and straighten them out. We remind them of how
great they are, and how much potential they have.

Stop for a minute on your way back home today and picture
yourself as a child, heading home from school with a bad report
card. Except your going home to the BIG Dog Parent (God). What
would you tell him about why it is your living a sub par life?

What lines would you feed him about how things have been unfair
for you?

What do you think he would say back to you?

Would he say "Oh Ken, your right you don't really need to live
up to your potential?"

Or would he it be more like "Uhhhhh, whats going on Ken, you
know that this isn't your practice life, the world doesn't
care what excuses you have. In fact starting right now if you
show up at home with that defeatist attitude, your going to the
naughty step"

Just something to think about....

To your success,
Eric Medemar

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Real Estate Secrets: The HUGE Elephant in the Room

Real Estate Secrets: There is An Elephant in The Room

If it brought down the titanic, could it be taking you down as well?

Folks, I'm talking about the iceberg theory.

Just like icebergs, 20% of investing success is visible above the surface while the other 80% is hidden away. The problem is that every “guru” from here to Kansas is only teaching the 20% that's visible.

I hate to say it, but without the other 80% in place there is not a real estate investing course in the world that is going to do you a bit of good.

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate my point.

Imagine that your dream was to go to Australia to see the Opera House in Sydney. You have been dreaming about going to Australia your entire life. You've read all the books, you've get 70% of the streets memorized, you even have a small tattoo of Australia right above your belly button. Basically you know more about Australia than 99% of Australians do.

The time has finally arrived for you to travel to this far off place you have been dreaming of your entire life then it hits you.....

You find out that you have to fly there. You have never considered that you could not drive there. Through all of your research, your time spent gazing at the Opera House, and reading about the Aboriginal tribes, you failed to see that you would actually have to get on a plain and fly there. The problem is that your petrified of planes, in fact there is no amount of money in the world could get you to set foot on a plane.

Right now real estate “Guru's” all across America are teaching you about Australia when what you really need is to overcome your fear of planes.

In the next couple of weeks I will be giving my “Fear of flying guide” to everyone who has purchased my Ultimate Investor System. I have been carefully studying the success of “Students who do vs. Students who don't” and I can tell you right now there is NO DIFFERENCE in the amount of real estate knowledge....

Feel free to check out The Ultimate Investor System at and I will send you my "Fear of flying guide" once I have put the finishing touches on it. If you get your real estate knowledge between now and then, I think you will be ready to set the world on fire.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Estate Secrets: Contingency Success

Real estate Secrets: Contingency Success

I am sure you have heard of a contingency clause in a real estate contract. Contingency clauses are basically clauses that say "If that happens then this can happen" some common contingency clauses include.

Offer contingent on buyer obtaining financing
Offer contingent on the sale of the home at 1111 Maple Valley
Offer contingent on buyer approval of inspections

Those are examples of the ways that contingencies are used in real estate contracts. But, did you know that contingencies could be holding you back from experiencing true success both in life and as a real estate investor?

Our economic conditions have resulted in many of us using contingencies to unknowingly limit ourselves in many areas of our lives. The main differences between the two are that real estate contingencies have "Real world" constraints while the contingencies that we place on ourselves have no basis in the real world.

Let's look at some examples of our life contingencies:

My happiness is contingent upon how much money I make
My happiness is contingent upon whether I have a job or not
My real estate success is contingent on whether or not I can obtain a loan.
My real estate success is contingent on how many courses I can afford to buy

Do you see the difference? In real estate contingencies one outcome is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the other. In our life contingencies we set up 2 completely unrelated things and make them contingent on each other. Your happiness and your salary are not mutually exclusive ideals. You can be happy without a dime to your name. You can experience real estate success without getting a loan.

The best way to counteract this completely absurd way of thinking is to ask yourself "Could I ever have X without Y happening?"

Let's plug in some examples:

Could I ever have happiness without making $100,000? Of course
Could I really afford a house if I didn't sell my own? Of course not this is a real world constraint.
Could I ever succeed as an investor without good credit? Of course there are a million ways to succeed without getting a loan.

To your success,
Eric Medemar
Grand Rapids Real Estate Specialist
Real Estate Secrets Author
Grand Rapids Homes

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Real Estate Secrets: Free Investing Seminars #8

Real Estate Secrets: Free Investing Seminars #8
Video sent by reguy717 Wholesaling Expert Eric Medemar is letting you in behind the scenes of his Investing Masterminds Series where he will be sharing his top investing tactics #8

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Real Estate Investing: Crashing Market Strategies Explained

Real Estate Investing: Crashing Market Strategies Explained
Video sent by reguy717 Wholesaling Expert Eric Medemar provides insight on our crashing real estate market and gives tips on turning out huge profits with no money down strategies.

Real Estate Investing: Crashing Market Strategies Explained

Real Estate Investing: Crashing Market Strategies Explained
Video sent by reguy717 Wholesaling Expert Eric Medemar provides insight on our crashing real estate market and gives tips on turning out huge profits with no money down strategies.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Real Estate Investing Courses: Is Now A Goodtime To Wholesale?

Is Now A Good Time To Get Into Real Estate Wholesaling?

It seems like everyday I get at least 5 people asking me this perplexing but very simple to answer question. My answer is always the same. Of course right now is a good time to start wholesaling!

No I don't say any of this to sell another investing course. If I thought wholesaling was stupid I would just make a new course on a better strategy. Anyway, back to my point

Yes our economy is in the gutter.
Yes our housing market sucks
Yes investor all over America are losing their a$$es
Yes people are running scared.

All of those conditions make it the perfect time to wholesale real estate. Why?

Think about it like this:

Example #1

In a good real estate market home A is worth 100k.
Wholesalers would try to buy at 70k or below.
That is based on buying homes at 70% of current market value.

In a bad market home A is worth 80K
Wholesalers would then need to buy at 70% or less of 80K $56,000
That is based on buying homes at 70% of current market value

70% of a homes current value is still going to be a great deal even if the market completely has bottomed out. Because as a wholesaler you are looking to buy at 70% of the CURRENT market value.

Investors and retail buyers still love to sweep up deals and 70% of current prices, because 70% is still a great deal. Do you follow?

Many rookies mistakenly believe that since homes are selling for 30% less this year that somehow there are just too many good deals already and wholesalers aren't needed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wholesalers still need to put homes under contract using the exact same formulas as before except we need to be careful to adjust our offers to CURRENT market value and not the value that COMPs Are showing.

Anyway I hope that helps.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Real estate investing FAQ | Beginners Guide to Investing

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Eric Medemar
Real Estate Investing FAQ
Real Estate Negotiation System
Real Estate Foreclosures Course

Monday, January 26, 2009

Real Estate Investing FAQ | Beginners Guide To Investing

Thank you for stopping by my real estate investing FAQ

For some strange reason people are always wondering what kind of money they can make wholesaling real estate. Here are the basic factors that will determine how much you can make wholesaling.

The price of the home- Typically higher priced homes will have more room for profit then lower priced homes. Example: if you can find a home for 50% FMV (Fair market value) and sell the home for 70% FMV then you would have a 20% spread. 20% of $100k is far more than 20% of 20k.

The motivation of the seller-With all things being held equal, the lower the price that you can put the home under contract for, the greater your profit potential will be. Example: If you can buy the home for 50% FMV and you have buyers that are willing to buy homes at 70% FMV, your profit will be far greater than if you put the home under contract at 60% FMV.

The motivation of the buyer- Owner occupant buyers will typically pay far more for a home than another real estate investor. Owner occupant buyers are willing to pay more simply because they are looking for a home to have as their principal residence rather than as an investment property.

I have personally dealt with different variations of all of the above. When conditions have been have been perfect, meaning I had a very motivated seller and a very motivated buyer I have made up to $28,000 on a single transaction without the need for cash or credit. That is one of the reasons why I decided to become a full time real estate wholesaler.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Real Estate Investing Guide: Never Stop Learning

If you pay close attention to the way we treat learning in our society, you will quickly realize that after our formal education is complete, many of us consider our learning to be “done”. Having said that I have a recommendation to all high school seniors and college graduates across the U.S, KEEP AWAY FROM THE CAP AND GOWN. All formal education seems to end with the cap and gown, and all learning seems to end with the formal education, therefore stay away from the cap and gown and you will stay away from the end of formal education.

Once your formal education is complete, the fun learning should begin. Now is the time to start learning about the things in life that truly interest you. Move over Pythagorean theorem, Pi, and amoeba dissection. Bring on the self discovery, new hobbies, and self improvement.

If you think learning is boring try spending an afternoon with a 2-5 year old. Listen to the questions, watch their mind working, or watch as they discover something new around every corner. Far too soon these human sponges will be well on their way to disliking learning just like you. Once our school system gets their grimy little mits on the little learning sponges that we call children, thing go down hill quick.

Once our children enter school learning becomes a forced activity and all creativity involved in the learning process is left for art class once a week. Now when our little learning sponges aren't interested in learning about a particular subject, at a particular time, they are labeled ADD, a disruption in class, or slow. It is not long before their little learning sponge minds start creating the child logic short cuts like.

  1. I used to learn without getting in trouble..

  2. Now I get into trouble if I don't learn at a particular pace.

  3. When I get into trouble I don't feel loved.

  4. When I don't feel loved it makes me sad.

  5. So maybe if I stop learning, I can't get into trouble for not learning fast enough, because after all this learning stuff seems to lead to pain every time. (Sure we get the occasional good job when we do something right, but when we do something wrong the whole world seems to end).

Having said that, is it any wonder why so many of us stop learning once our formal education ends?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Housing Panic Profit Guide

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Real Estate Investing Guide: Discover the Secret of How a 300 Lb Hulk Can Help You Achieve Investing Success

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Over the weekend my wife and I went to see one of those crazy hypnotism comedy shows. You know the shows where they get like 20 people to come up on the stage and make fools of themselves while they are hypnotized.

One of my favorite tricks of the evening was when the hypnotist convinced this 300 lb Hulk looking dude that he could not lift his left foot off ground. Here was this man, who on an average day could probably squat 600 or 700 lbs, but when hypnotized he could not life his foot no matter how hard he tried. His face was beat red, he was sweating buckets, you could clearly see that he was trying with all his mite but that foot would not move.

Why couldn't this massive muscular dude move his foot? Experts will tell you that when you are under hypnosis the hypnotist is speaking directly with your subconscious. Without your conscious mind making all of the decisions about what you can and cannot do, your subconscious mind is much more open to suggestion. This 300 lb guy could not move his foot simply because he didn't think that he could.

How does this relate to you? If simple thoughts could render the Hulks foot useless, how could your thoughts about investing success be affecting you? Have you convinced yourself that you can't achieve success as an investor for one reason or another? Is the market too bad? Do you need more money first? What limiting beliefs do you have about what you can achieve? Have you hypnotized yourself into limited success without knowing it?

If your a struggling newbie your answers to the questions will move you closer to the root cause of your problem. Even if your a seasoned investor, you are likely to have some limiting beliefs about how big you can grow your business. Once you uncover your limiting beliefs, you simply need to notice when that little voice inside starts trying to convince you of your limits. Instead of getting in a pushing match with the little voice, simply ask “How do I know this is true?”. If there is no way of knowing whether or not something is true, you simply need to dismiss what the voice has to say and move on.

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Real Estate Investing Guide: Is the Market Too Slow?

This article is an excerpt from my Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my coaching students about a closing that he just finished. This was no ordinary closing, this was his first closing since he had started living his dream of becoming a real estate investor. Ever since Jay was about 15 years old, he said that he had been fascinated by real estate investing. Coming from an extremely humble beginnings Jay knew that college most likely would not be an option for him. Jay saw real estate as his only escape from the traditional 9-5 blue collar jobs that his parent had worked so desperately hard at for most of his life.

Jay did not do particularly well in school, he was more of a daydreamer. Of course our school systems don't offer many rewards for daydreamers. Instead the daydreamers of our world are poked and prodded until they become like everyone else. Luckily for Jay he had a strong will like his mother. When the bad grades arrived Jay did not see them as reflecting on him. Instead he looked at his “Bad grades”as an indicator that he was doing something right, because from the looks of things being just like everybody else didn't look so rewarding.

I asked Jay what advice he had for other rookie investors who are currently struggling to keep their faith about investing during these “Troubled times”. His answer was no less than perfection, “Troubled times, I guess I didn't know we were having troubled times Eric. Maybe while I was daydreaming about what could be, I forget to pay attention to how bad the market supposedly is”.

Then this once labeled “Slow” 22 year old man said one of the greatest lines I have ever heard. He said “Eric just a minute, let me run into the dining room and grab my check, maybe my check can tell you about our troubled times”.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated spending time on the phone with Jay. How many of you would be much better off being just a little “Slow” and decided not to listen to your friends, family and the media about how “Bad” our market is.

The problem with the “Bad market” mindset is that if you think the markets bad, then it is. Once your reality says the market is bad, then you severely limit your chances of accomplishing anything. Instead of seeing our real estate market as either good or bad, just see it as “The market”, then adjust your real estate investing strategies accordingly.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real Estate Investing Guide: Wholesaling Profits

How much money Should I make per wholesaling/Flipping deal it sounds like $10k is the going rate?

I know my market wont bear too many $10,000+ wholesale deals right now. Maybe a few here or there, I have had a couple of people make $40k plus. The factor that many investors fail to look at when they want to make $10k+ per deal is how many $5k-8k deals are they passing on while they are waiting for a $10k deal. I would much rather do 4x$5k deals in a month then a $10k deal every 2 months.

One huge factor that most people forget drives price besides location, and condition of the home is the amount of investor competition in the area. Too many investors make prices artificially climb. One large investor willing to except $5k a deal could literally knock every other investor out of decent profits.

When I meet with new investors I tell them my program:

1. I will tell you how much I can sell the home for when its done and how fast I can sell it at that price.

2. You tell me how much you will have into repairs.

3. Then decide how greedy you are.

I have had investors looking for a GREAT deal for months while my other investors settle for GOOD deals and are doing a couple per month.

$8,000 profit will always be $8,000 that you didn't have before, if you see a lot of great deals then go for those, but if your 1 or 2 months in and haven't found your $10k deal then maybe you need to lower your standards a bit.

Many rookie real estate investors use the "Waiting" game for huge profits as a crutch so they don't have to ever step up to the plate. These rookies run around talking about being an investor, looking at homes, doing their courses, and keep getting ready to get ready. Then when people ask them how many deals they have done they can say "I'm still looking, just have not found the right house yet".

You do need to do your homework don't get me wrong, the last thing you need to do is buy a $200k home and make only $10k. In my market many real estate investors are waiting for some GREAT deals to come up in the nicer areas ($85k to $300k), the problem is these deals are not coming around often enough. Then when these "Super deals" do come up they are no longer "Super deals" because everyone wants them.

Meanwhile you could be buying in the "bad part of the city" where wholesaling produces less money, but higher volume availability. The investors looking in the pretty areas do not want to buy in this area because "its not a nice neighborhood". Great for you,

So to reiterate:

Most real estate wholesalers are waiting to maybe make $10k per transaction. But, these deals come around about once or twice a month with fierce competition.

I would rather pick up 5-6 deals a month making $5-8k per deal on homes than not doing any deals at all.

I want to leave you with something to think about. "thinking about getting into real estate" for more than a month, then your no longer "thinking about getting into real estate" your just "Thinking of reasons why you can't do it".

To Your Success,
Eric Medemar

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Investing In Real Estate: 5x5 Decision Making System

Being in the real estate wholesaling business I have learned alot of things and this is one of them.

In order to change your life, you must first change the decisions that you make a daily basis. Poor decision making can account for up to 99% of your current position in life. In order to make better decisions we must first identify all of the decisions that we have made that have gotten us up to where we are today. Without knowing the good and bad decisions that we have made it will be nearly impossible to change our lives.

So why do you make so many bad decisions? One of the main reasons for our complete lack of decision-making ability is that our minds are preprogrammed for short term pleasure. Short term pleasure does not necessarily mean that we enjoy what we are doing. Short term pleasure can be derived simply by thinking that what we are currently doing is easier than our other alternatives. The funny part is "easier" does not always mean easier either. Short-term easy often means less effort or less immediate pain. To make things even more complicated "pain" does not always mean pain either. Pain is far too often thrown into a group with performing the unknown. It's funny how many people would much rather have a painful "known" thing happen rather than commit to a wonderful "unknown".

One of the tools that I have developed to get around our poor decision making skills is called the 5x5 method. Whenever you need to make a decision ask yourself 5 simple questions.

1. How will this decision impact my life 5 minutes from now.

2. How will this decision impact my life 5 hours from now.

3. If I keep making this decision, how will it affect my life 5 weeks from now.

4. If I keep making this decision, how will it affect my life 5 months from now.

5. If I keep making this decision, how will it affect my life 5 years from now.

If you can derive a positive answer to all of those questions then you can rest easy knowing that you have made a good decision.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Raffle: Are You Ready To Try a Home Raffle?

Are you ready to try a home raffle? If you are in a negative equity position and would like to avoid foreclosure, raffling your home may be your only option. Once you decide to raffle your home there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

In this article I am going to help you avoid one of the biggest mistakes that I see homeowners make when they try to raffle off their homes. A vast majority of you who are attempting to raffle off your homes have not been trained in home sales. I happen to know just a little bit about selling homes so I am going to share a very valuable tip for making your raffle both timely and successful.

When you are putting together your raffle one of the keys to success is to remember you are not just selling tickets, you are selling the dream of home ownership. People who focus on selling tickets rather than dreams often end up falling short on sales. Basically, keep all of your marketing efforts focused on your customers wants and needs, rather than you own needs to sell tickets.

Best of luck with your Home Raffle

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Estate Investing: I Want To Give You A FREE House

Real estate investing has been very good to me this year.

I was contemplating ways to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my Ultimate Wholesaling System and I decided to give away a house.

Since my investing courses already set the standard for investor education, I figured I might as well set the standard for free giveaways as well.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Estate Investing FREE Classifed Ads

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Estate Wholesaling: Have I completely lost my mind?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Estate Wholesaling While Sleeping

I am going to start posting weekly videos where i answer some of the online forum questions. I feel like I need to do my part to help people out, but I hate typing.

I look like I might fall asleep in this, TOO many donuts I guess.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Real Estate Negotiation: 2 Profit Maximizing Tips

Real Estate Negotiation Tactics Revealed

Does the thought of giving up your hard earned equity to a money hungry buyer leave your stomach in knots? You are not alone in your frustrations with our current housing market. Nothing is more frustrating than negotiating a contract with greedy buyers who know they have the upper hand because of our current housing slump.

What can you do to preserve your hard earned equity during our recent economic downturn? I am going to unveil two little known strategies for maximum equity preservation during the negotiation process.

Strategy #1 Plant negotiation seeds early- You need to face reality, the current housing crisis has left homebuyers at a major advantage when it comes to the negotiating on the price of your home. It will be important for your to counteract a greedy buyers sense of power, I recommend using subtle hints of other pontential buyers from the very beginning. Leave these buyer hints before you know that a potential buyer likes your home. Once a buyers reveals their intentions of buying your home, it will be too late.

Strategy #2 Keep your mouth shut- Buyers who are well versed in the home buying process will do their best to get your talking. Why do they want to hear you talk? Buyers know that if they can uncover your motivations for selling, then they stand a chance to steal your home right out from under your nose. I advise limiting the conversation only to questions about the home. Stay away from questions about your reasons for selling and your financial information.

Following these 2 simple but effective Real Estate Negotiation strategies for preserving your hard earned equity will keep you one step ahead of greedy money grubbing home buyers

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Real Estate Negotiation: 2 Profit Destroying Myths Debunked

One of the most overlooked aspects of skyrocketing your profits when you buy or sell a piece of real estate is hard-hitting negotiation. Your TV is overrun with the latest “Fix your house” television shows. Don't get me wrong, fixing your home does have its place, but high-powered negotiation strategies will ad thousands of profits, without you ever lifting a finger.

In this article I am going am going to debunk two of the most costly myths about real estate negotiating. Just knowing a few of my easy tips about negotiating can easily add 1-5% of your homes sales price to your profit. That means on a $100,000 home, using a few simple tips can make you between $1,000-$5,000.

  • Myth #1 Create a win-win negotiation whenever possible- Can we get real a minute? If someone else wins, then you lose, it is as simple as that. In completing over 130 real estate transactions my goal has never been to create a win-win situation. Instead, my goal is always to create a situation where I win and the other person “Thinks” they have won.

  • Myth #2 Negotiation starts after offer is written- If you want to lose at least $1,000 on your next real estate transaction, then wait until after an offer is written to lay out your negotiation plan. Masterful negotiation starts the moment you make contact with a buyer or seller. Seeds of negotiation strategy planted early in the process, grow into trees of profit down the road.

Using just a couple of these fool proof negotiation strategies will make your next real estate negotiation seem like showing up to a knife fight using an M-60.


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Real Estate Investing: Working The Room at Real Estate Investing Club Meetings.

Real Estate Investing Guide Presents: Working REI Meetings

Having buyers is one of the most important part of the real estate wholesaling success equation. One of the quickest ways to meet investors who can later turn into buyers is by attending real estate investment club functions. The fees to join your local real estate investment club will vary, but I can promise you that investment clubs are well worth the money.

To get the most out of attending real estate investment club functions it will be very important to step out of your shell and meet the other investors in the group. Here are a few thing to keep in mind when attending your local REI club meetings:

Remember that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.-Try to listen twice as often as you talk. If you have not noticed yet, people love to talk about themselves, so let them.

Don't try to be right- Even if you here the “Old investing pro” say something wrong, do not jump into correct him. People do not like to be corrected, and will often lash out at you if you try to make them look bad.

Have your success stories ready- Now do not confuse this with bragging, or tooting your own horn. Instead subtly drop your past success stories into the conversation to spark interest. If you have made another investor a lot of money tell that story. Maybe, you have found some great deals for another investor, talk about those great deals.

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Real Estate Investing: Avoid These Costly Real Estate Wholesaling Mistakes

There are numerous reasons why many newbies to real estate investing never realize any success in real estate wholesaling.

In this article I am going to focus on one step of the wholesaling process that so many investors get wrong. The sad part is that many of the guru wholesaling courses that I have purchased actually teach newbie investors the wrong way.

From my experience the most critical factor in the entire wholesaling real estate equation is having a solid buyers list in place. Many newbie investors make the mistake of focusing their energies on locating great deals on houses prior to having any investors to buy those houses. The best deal in the world is no good unless you have a buyer lined up ahead of time. Sure, you can find buyers after you have found a good deal, but going that route has some large risks:

Risk #1 One of the main risks of finding buyers after you find motivated sellers is that your chances of being able to follow through on the contract decrease substantially because you are starting from scratch.

Risk #2 If you cannot follow through on your real estate contracts, then you will quickly start building a reputation as someone who cannot follow through on promises. Having a good reputation is critical to success in the long run. If you over promise and under deliver to the wrong Realtors or investors in a particular market, then your options for finding great deals, and selling those deals will quickly decrease substantially.

Risk #3 Your profits can decrease substantially. Because you are starting from scratch with your buyers list, you may end up having to sell your contract for far less than what it is worth simply because your buyer options are so limited.

Follow these 3 simple rules to get well on your way to real estate investing success.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Real Estate Investing Courses: Are Real Estate Courses Worth the Money?

Real estate investing courses: It seems like everywhere that you turn there is a new "Expert" offering you advice about the latest and greatest real estate investing techniques...But is it worth it to buy these systems?

I have personally invested thousands of dollars into different real estate investing courses. Yes, it's true there are some that I might not buy again if given the chance. Having said that, every single course that I have ever purchased ended up teaching me something. Those little somethings at bare minimum have added at least $1,000 to my bottom line.

I figure if I can pick up at least one little real estate investing gem from each course then I am always ahead of the game.

To be honest the return rate on my own investing courses is somewhere around 6%. Almost 90% of the people who have returned my course has never done a single deal. But, they tell me that they already "Know" everything in my courses.

I always laugh about these people because I know that they haven't dug deep enough into my real estate investing course material.

I know this because just one of the little "Gems" that I offer with my course material can literally have your buyers list built and ready to go in under 2 weeks.....And, this "Gem" has never been mentioned in a single real estate investing course that I have purchased. Yet, the people who have returned my course already know it all......Hmmmm I am probably missing something.

Many people will invest and lose thousands, if not millions in the stock market, yet they wont invest a few hundred dollars in themselves to further there investor education.

One of the courses that I would highly recommend to any newbie investor is available at

This is not a real estate investing course that I have authored, but I will say it offers more great real estate investing advice, across more real estate niches than any real estate other real estate investing course that I have purchased=======> all for only $47.00.

Anyway, my take is that you really can't go wrong buying any real estate investing course if you just learn one very small lesson....But, I can promise if you don't buy any that you will surely lose in the long run.

Thank you for checking out my Real estate investing guide

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real Estate Investing Websites: Avoid The Deadly Real Estate Keyword Mistakes!

If you have done any work with the Internet or real estate investing websites then I am sure you have heard of the term keyword. Keywords are the words on your web page that are relevant to the type of traffic that you would like to visit your site from the search engines. When search engines send their spiders to gather information about your page they will be searching for your keywords. Your keywords will help the search engines direct your placement within the search engine itself.

I am going to come at this from the perspective that you are new to building your real estate investing website. I am going to review just a few of the errors that I have seen so many other rookie web designers make when creating real estate investing websites.

Mistake #1 Using keywords that are too generic- If your web designer uses keywords that cover to broad of a spectrum then you will never get placement near the front page of the search engines. Getting your site listed on the front page of the major search engines should be a priority in order to quickly start collecting prospects from your site. For example some specific keywords for getting leads for Austin, TX motivated sellers would be: sell our Austin home, Austin home buyers, Austin Realtors, selling homes in Austin, avoiding foreclosure in Austin. Now some examples of bad keywords would be: Sell our home, avoid foreclosure, sell real estate. The reason that the second example is so useless is because there are so many sites across the nation competing for the same keywords. Because of the heavy competition your site has almost no chance of capturing front page placement.

Mistake #2 Not putting your keywords in the correct places- For optimal search engine placement, keywords should be placed in the headings, near the beginning of your web copy, and also near the end of your web copy.

Mistake #3 Not checking out your competitors- If you want to win the war for the front page of search engines, then visit the sites that currently show up on the search engines. Once your at the site you can go to the top of the page and go to the view section of the tool bar. Under the view section hit the view source or view page source button. That is going to give you the code behind the website that you are viewing. Look for the keywords that your competitors are using near the top of the page.

If you can avoid these mistakes when building your real estate investing websites then you will be well on your way to success.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Real Estate Investing Courses: Special on My Real Estate Investing Courses

For very limited time I am offering a 2 for the price of 1 Special on my Ultimate Real Estate Wholesaling System and My Ultimate Real Estate Bird Dog System. If purchased separately these two systems would sell for over $225.00.

I am offering both real estate investing courses for $113.97 plus I am throwing in 2 new bonus audio resources including Advanced Wholesaling Strategies and Talking to Investors.

Not to mention I am also throwing in 5 years of real estate investing course updates for FREE. This means you will not need to buy another wholesale or bird dog course in the next 5 years because you will be receiving my updates for FREE.

Lastly, I offer a 92 Day 100% money back guarantee, as well as one on one consulting if you have any questions.

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Wholesaling Real Estate Course
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Have a great weekend!

Eric Medemar

P.S I hope you enjoy my Real Estate Investing Courses

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Real Estate Investing Course: I Just Bought This Real Estate Investing Course Myself

There are not a whole lot of real estate investing courses that would feel comfortable recommending. Normally real estate investing courses that I have purchased either lack content or they are way over priced. I feel completely comfortable recommending this product after purchasing it myself.

Though the product does not include any audio, it does include some fantastic educational resources that provide a very solid framework for virtually every niche of real estate investing including:

  • Shortsales
  • Lease Options
  • Foreclosures
  • Flipping/Wholesaling
  • Credit Repair
  • Subject To
  • Editable Forms
All of this plus much more for only $47.00. I bought it myself and I am happy I did. To view the course visit

If you are unhappy with the course they also offer a money back guarantee, but I have NO DOUBTS that you will love this real estate investing course



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Wholesaling Properties: Real Estate Investing Explained

Wholesaling real estate is very simple, Don't complicate it:

This is a very basic outline of the steps to wholesaling a home.

1st Build a buyer’s list-A strong buyers list will one of the most important aspects of your success as a real estate wholesaler. Be sure to build your buyers list before tying up any home under contract.

2nd Find Homes that meet your buyers needs- Once you have your buyers list in place it is time to start looking for great deals on homes that fit your buyers criteria.

3rd Put the home under contract with an easy out clause- Once you have located a home that meets the criteria for your buyers, you will need to put the home under contract. Include an easy out clause in the contract in case your buyers decide that they do not like the home.

4th Get your buyers through the home- Bring all of your buyers through the home to see if it meets their needs.

5th Assign the contract to you buyers or sell them the home-If the home meets their needs then you will need to establish a price that you are willing to sell them the contract for, or a price that you are willing to sell them the home for. If you are unable to assign the home then you could use a back-back closing instead. If do put the home under contract with your buyer’s then be sure to get a deposit from your buyers that is at least equal to the amount that you could lose if your buyers decide to back out of the deal.

6th Use your easy out clause- If your buyers do not like the home for one reason or another use your easy out escape clause to terminate the contract. The process ends here if your buyers do not like the home.

7th Set up a closing and get paid-If you are assigning the contract you may have already sold your position to your buyer, in this case you may have gotten paid already. If you did not get paid for selling your position already then you will be waiting for your buyer to set up a closing, and at the closing you will be collecting your fee.

Keep in mind that every person who currently wholesales homes started out not knowing a thing about the business.

the forums are a great place to learn, but be sure your learning from people who "do" wholesaling, rather than people who "read about" wholesaling.

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Real Estate Investing Courses: Why Some Succeed While Others Fail (Part 3)

Real Estate Investing Courses - Why Some Succeed While Others Fail? (Part 3)

If you did not happen to catch the other parts of this article I will bring you up to speed. I am author of several highly successful real estate investing courses. I have always been curious as to what factors lead to some of my students using the information that I provide successfully, while others have no success at all. After interviewing many of my students I have compiled a list of the top factors that will determine your success or failure as a real estate investor.

The first crucial success determining factor was the intentions of the real estate investing course purchaser. The second critical success factor was the ability of the purchaser to "Get up off their information and do something". Now I will discuss the third critical factor for investing success.

The third factor that went into how successful my students would become is their mindset. By mindset I mean the way that they viewed success or failure in the investing business. Successful students had a very flexible mindset when it came to how they viewed their success. Successful students did not look at the set backs that they came across as failures. Instead they viewed the setbacks as feedback that moved them one step closer to their end goal. They realized that no set back is either good or bad, but it was their thinking that made it so. To quote myself "Failure is your receipt that says you tried".

My students who did not achieve any level of success viewed success as an all or nothing situation. This "All or nothing" attitude, left them paralyzed by their fears. In other words they had created a situation where they had a million ways to fail, but only one way to succeed. With odds like that it is no wonder my real estate investing course material never resulted in any level of success. These students did not allow themselves any chance to become successful, because they never made it beyond the information gathering stage. Essentially they were stuck in "Analysis paralysis" or as I like to call it "Getting ready, to get ready".

In part 4 of this 5 part article we will be discussing the fourth critical success factor which is planning.

Eric Medemar is a real estate consultant and author from Grand Rapids, MI. Be sure
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Real Estate wholesaling course where he will show you his easy to understand methods for investing in real estate with no money, no credit and no risk.

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